Sukoon - Was planned in May 2020. Now postponed.

A jugalbandi of two maestros Ustad Zakir Hussain and Dr Suresh Wadkar.

Rafi & Sufi - Was planned in June 2020. Now postponed.

A delight combination of most popular Sufi songs from Bollywood and evergreen numbers of Md Rafi Saab from  a very popular singer Javed Ali.

Amitabh & I - October 2020

Mr Bacchan himself recognise Sudesh Bhosle as his voice now. A wonderful concert to celebrate Mr Amitabh Bacchan's 78th birthday with his most popular and hit songs by one and only one Sudesh Bhosle

Farewell Tour - Ghulam Ali - Nov 2020

Fondly referred to as Ustadjiji, Mr Ghulam Ali is one of pre-eminent voices and icon of the hindi and urdu music scene. Renowned for his contribution to Gazals, and often credited for his versatility, his work includes Film music, Ghazals, Traditional Classical music, Folk songs and Qawwalis 

Ustadji's contribution to the music world is outstanding, which has spanned over six decades. Let us pay him a tribute for his lifetime's contribution when he performs at London. 

Due to COVID 19, all our forthcoming events are postponed till further notice.

We will publish the updates here.

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